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android Application Development Company, Mobile Application Development Company

Customisable and Innovative Android

  • Less rigid, more flexible.
  • Wider customer base.
  • Easy app approval process.
  • High ROI.
  • Power of open source.
  • Smoother integration.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Android deep linking.

Android Development Company

The evolution of mobile devices has revolutionized the world and is still evolving immensely. Growing along is the world of mobile apps. Mobile applications are made using the most dynamic platforms like Symbian, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS. Nevertheless, this revolution is spearheaded by Android.

Vying for a piece of the growing pie, many Android development companies have sprung up at every nook and corner of the world and thriving. Spericorn is at the forefront of Android app development with its cutting edge development strategy and super-experienced team of Android developers.

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Android was originally created by a California-based company called Android Inc., who developed OS for digital cameras and mobiles. Google acquired the company in 2005 and two years later, Android was released to the consumer market.

Smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and HTC supported it with phones specifically designed for Android. Thus started Android’s journey to gain market share and it took over Symbian OS in 2010. In 2017, Android accounted for more than 80 percent of smartphone sales worldwide. Now, Google Play is the biggest app store and had 3.6 million apps available for download in 2018.

Developing apps for Android is a smart idea – you get a chance to cast a wide net, potentially reaching a large number of customers. Just that you need to partner with an extremely good Android Development Company to ensure the final version of the app at least matches if not exceeds your vision.

Adding more to the Android world, Google has launched Android TV for televisions, Android Wear for wrist watches, and Android Auto for cars.

Spericorn has been developing and delivering user-centric Android apps since its inception. Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for our clients.

We have a rock solid enterprise-grade development strategy to ensure knowledge growth and code quality.

We are the best Android development company because of our people. They are thorough with every corner of the Android platform, down to its core. We have developed experience working with every Android device ecosystems. Moreover, we can help you build a prototype, develop a marketing strategy, continuously support your release and more.

Say hello to us if you are looking for some Android love.

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android Application Development Company, Mobile Application Development Company
Regular Updates

Google makes sure to make major incremental upgrades to Android on a yearly basis to make the OS more enhanced. The updates can be installed on devices over-the-air. The latest major release is 9 ‘Pie’.


It is a known fact that most of the Android devices are much cheaper than devices that run OS developed by their competitors. This is a good reason for you to have an Android app for your business because most of your customers are likely to have an Android device.

Open Source

The Android platform is open source and is backed by a very enthusiastic Android developer community. This makes Android a comparatively cheaper option for you.

Customisable UI

Since Google has been constantly working to make the user interface of Android as flexible and customisable as possible, the Android is loaded with a gamut of customisable widgets that could be leveraged to make your app as interactive and appealing.

High ROI on Investment

Since the development cost of Android is comparatively cheaper, enterprises gain a higher return on investment (ROI) with their smart app.


The customisable UI of Android makes it ideal for multitasking. Users can open several applications at the same time and still manage them all.

App Distribution

Unlike its competitors, Android apps can easily be published in the various third-party app stores, and you don’t have to always rely on the Google Play store.

ROM Modification

Google allows its device manufacturers to modify the ROM of the devices and make it customised for their needs. Nevertheless, all Android apps run in these devices without any flaw.

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